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Meme Virgin July 8, 2008

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Seeing as I’m very VERY new to this I only heard of meme all of 10 minutes ago and am now sitting here oh so relaxed, drawing on a cigarette (with a fluorescent pink highlighter) as sleep creeps upon me after Andrew giving my meme virginity a good seeing to.

Those of you who have read Anger Management will be aware that I’ve had my knickers in a twist over all kinds of things for a while and little has prevented me from sharing these with my nearest and dearest.

 What to pick…what to pick?

Two things that irritate me for a reason:

1. Being asked a question and the question asker failing to listen to my response. Why bother asking the question in the first place? I have better things to be doing than rehashing the same info over and over again. It’s just down right disrepectful if you ask me.

2. The term “stop giving cheek”. This has been overused by the generation before mine and I have found that it has snuck up upon some of my childbearing friends whose sense of humour appears to have exploded after all that pushing. 

I’m now a fully fledged adult for a number of years  and my mother still pulls this one out of the hat if I make a witty remark or pull her leg every now and then.

 I pity children who are falsely accussed of this crime on a daily basis when they are just trying to fill the world with joy and laughter.

Two thinks that irritate me for no apparent reason:

This is proving extremely difficult as I generally have a reason….mmm

1. Ok it has been well over half an hour since I typed in the 1 at the beginning of this sentence. Meme is officially lodged up my nose! I don’t like it, it’s worse than spam mail! In light of the fact Andrew has cursed me with this head wrecker I have decided to use exclamation marks in force throughout the rest of this post!!!

2. Mullets! Long ones! Short ones! Wide ones! Narrow ones! They’re creepy!!!


The original blog link is! Get out your pitchforks!


Choosing 4 people to lay the curse upon just doesn’t feel right but on the bright side it’ll be 4 more troops for a good skillet slaying!!!

Any the lucky 4 are: Charmed (the busy working girl who probably has more sense than I do right now)!, Darragh (the boy who is now a man)!!, Darren (the sick pup who’ll eye you up anytime you visit his blog)!!! and kerryview (cos she appears to be a meme virgin also)!!!!

My sincerest apologies go out to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


10 Responses to “Meme Virgin”

  1. B'dum B'dum Says:

    Q. What’s worse than a mullet?
    A. A mullet that someone has purely for comedy effect and thinks it makes them eccentric.
    I know one of these people too in case you think I’ve made them up!

    I never got “stop giving cheek”, instead I got “you’re a fierce hateful bastard” after any drool joke… which was every joke… which was every sentence that came from my mouth.

    you pull your mothers leg?!

  2. Keiron Says:

    No, no, no far worse than a mullett being used for comedy effect, are the people who actually chose to have it cut like that…

    It growing like that you can accept (whilst saying “pull your finger out – go and get a haircut”), but choosing……….. ARRGHH!

  3. slyscribe Says:

    I have to say I agree with you Keiron…surprised you’re still alive after that meme. You’re lucky my pitchfork was made of fluffy marshmallows.

  4. darrenbyrne Says:

    I hath answered, but I was asked by B’Dum B’Dum first, so…eh…tough!!!

  5. kerryview Says:

    thnx for the meme sly! you are too kind. It sure helped break my block. but I will add you anyway, lil miss. and I’ll comment.

  6. slyscribe Says:

    Hahaha *cackles wildly* my cunning plan has worked!

  7. […] Little Miss made me laugh, there really is no excuse for a mullet is there? […]

  8. pennybridged Says:

    Wah!! this is what I get for abandoning blogging for a wee while, ok, for a couple of months. Normal service is now being resumed and charmed shall commence blogging once more!

    Ta for the inclusion slyscribe 🙂

  9. slyscribe Says:

    Glad you’re back Penny! 🙂

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