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“Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions.”-Edgar Cayce.

Little Miss who? October 19, 2013

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Nothing much on the telebox and Munster working until 2pm has landed me on here for the first time in nearly 4 years. I’ve received a few random comments lately but the demands of a very busy year have prevented me from peeking in until now so apologies for that.

I’ve got to say it’s been a treat looking back at the old me and seeing how much has changed and what has stayed the same. I’m more in love with Munster now than I was in my “mud stained pjs”, so much so that I became Mrs. Munster in March of this year and got to rock the rocks for two months before trading them in for swollen fingers and a bump that is currently kicking with every key I hit. We’ve moved for the 4th and hopefully last time. We got our second four legged baby last year after letting our lil man go following a long battle with cancer in his short little life. We’ve tackled everything that’s been thrown at us from redundancy to health issues  and are all the stronger for it.

So I guess unless I spend my time moaning about the pregnancy induced arthritis I’ve developed I’ve very little to give out about for now. Although watch this space, sleep deprivation and spending my days with a beautiful lil poop machine that wont be able to hold a conversation may have me back here very soon.

Ciao for now

Little Miss Munster x





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